We offer worldwide remote assistance as long as you have an internet connection which means there are no hassles of unplugging all these cables and traveling with a heavy computer!!!

In-home support is also available exclusively to the Beauport, QC region. For additional questions please chat live with an expert or click on 
Contact Us

*Click here To download and install Teamviewer

Linux Hosting


Your one stop shop for Amazing Linux Support

DOCTORFIXALL offers various configurations and setups for linux servers.

*Please speak with an agent to discuss a package tailored for your business or  private use.
System Diagnostics


Is your computer not working properly and is acting up?

Computer issues occur due to various reasons that are not always obvious. Special diagnostic tools are used by our professionals to diagnose and troubleshoot software and hardware problems such as:

Motherboards, Hard drives, Video cards, Memory modules, Power supplies etc…

DOCTORFIXALL will make sure that all hardware is functioning properly and is in good working condition.

*** If your symptoms are not listed above please consult with our experts for more information.
*** If a repair is needed diagnostic fee is then credited into other services excluding hardware costs.
Virus Removal


Frustrated and annoyed because your computer is not working properly and is acting up?

If you are experiencing the following issues, your computer is most likely infected and at risk. This could mean your computer is vulnerable, and all sensitive data and information could be compromised.

Viruses and spyware can be really frustrating; nothing seems to work effectively. Nobody likes a slow and non-responsive computer.

DOCTORFIXALL will remove any infections and provide knowledge on how to better safeguard and protect your computer.

*** Virus removal can take anywhere from 3 to 10 hours depending on your computer’s performance and the nature of the infection. In-home costs are a little higher due to being physically isolated to a location for possibly multiple hours.

Computer Setup


A fully optimized and healthy PC is crutial to making sure you have no issues down the road.

Have you recently purchased a new computer? Maybe you’ve recently upgraded to a new version of Windows and nothing looks the same? You want to start off on the right foot and make sure your PC is fully optimized and running as fast and efficient as possible? When purchasing new computers, companies like to
preload software commonly referred to as ‘bloatware’. This takes up unnecessary space and memory and often slows even new computers down.

Once a SETUP is performed; your computer will be fully configured and working the way you want it. With the right tweaks and optimizations your system’s performance will increase by 35% to 60% in some cases, and will work better and last longer.

System Tune-up & Tweaks


Frustrated and annoyed because your computer is not working properly and is acting up?

Computers tend to get really sluggish and slow after a while depending on usage. This is mainly because many of files have been collected and stored over time,
and are no longer needed.

Another reason is your computer has never been properly setup and configured in the first place.

As a rule all computers can benefit from certain tweaks but are never set by default.

DOCTORFIXALL will enhance every aspect of windows from boot times and latency for
gaming to how fast your computer reacts to clicking on your start menu bar. This requires advanced knowledge of the computer registry and of the Windows
operating system.

After a tweak is performed your system will be snappy and work better then when it was first purchased, guaranteed!
Clients are always amazed at the effectiveness of a computer tune up and tweaks! Speak with our agents for more information.

Software Install & Setup


Installing new software is not always as simple as it may seem and can be overwhelming!

There may be multiple options to choose from or certain conflicts may occur.
Installing new software is not always as simple as it may seem and can be overwhelming!

*** Many new systems do not include CD/DVD drives. Not to worry DOCTORFIXALL has you covered.

DOCTORFIXALL has many years of experience and resources installing and configuring all types of software.
If you have multiple applications to install please look at our Computer setup services for a better package.
Windows Password Recovery


DOCTORFIXALL is able to recover your password for any Windows operating system!
You’ll have access to your important documents, pictures, files in no time.

Terms and conditions for password recovery are any the following:

Provide proof of purchase. Provide physical evidence that you are the owner. Provide a death certificate
Operating System Install


DOCTORFIXALL will install the following Operating Systems:

Is your Operating System crashing and you receive error messages or blue screens?
Need to replace a faulty hard drive and lost everything?
A previously owned computer that has a lot of files and programs installed?
Perhaps you want to dual boot with two different Operating Systems?

(Speak with an agent for more information)

Hardware Install & Upgrades


We guarantee the lowest prices in Ottawa for any new hardware procurements!

*** Consulting with our experts will ensure you are on the right path to any hardware upgrades and getting the best prices and packages!

Labor pricing are listed below per component. Extra costs may be required if additional hardware is needed.
This will vary depending on what is required and what you already have.

Processor / CPU 19.99$
Memory 19.99$
Motherboard 49.99$
Video Card 19.99$
Network Card 19.99$
Sound Card 19.99$
Optical Drive (DVD or Blu-Ray) 19.99$
Power Supply 29.99$
CPU Fan and Heatsink 24.99$
Water Cooler 44.99$
Desktop Hard Drive 19.99$
laptop Hard Drive 19.99$ to 49.99$
(Some laptop require extensive assembly)
Case / Chassis (Full system build) 99.99$ + Parts

Data Back-up & Transfer


Backing up your data is likely the single most important thing that people tend to postpone or forget until it’s too late.

Data Backup

Hard drives have the highest failure rate compared to any other component in your computer due to their sensitive mechanical structure.

There are drives that are fully unrecoverable, where no amount of expense will help.

Data Backup is a cost-effective way to buy peace of mind. If your hard drive fails and you have lost all your data, cost can be anywhere from 249$ to 1700$, it is not cheap!

***Please look at our Data recovery services for more details.

Over the years, I have firsthand seen the worst possible scenarios, such as:

  • University students losing their 6 month thesis and terrified of failing.
  • Couples losing wedding pictures.
  • Losing all pictures of past memories with a loved one or family.
  • Losing all your emails, Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents etc.

Data Transfer

Transferring all of your data from one computer to another should be left to the pros! It’s extremely easy to forget files and think all is copied over. DOCTORFIXALL has special tools to make sure all DATA is properly transferred.

* Please keep in mind software programs will have to be reinstalled and are not transferable
Data Recovery


Data recovery is not cheap a backup of your files will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

Data recovery is not cheap, a backup of your files will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars! Hard drives are the most fragile piece of equipment in a computer. Everybody knows a friend or has personally lost all their prized pictures and documents due to hard drive failure.
Be smart and always backup your data. If you need to backup your data please see our Data backup & transfer services.

*** Keep in mind external hard drives stop working sometimes due to faulty enclosures and not because of the internal hard drive!!

Basic Data Recovery

The recovery of lost or accidentally deleted files from normally functioning hard drives.

  • Recover deleted or corrupted files.
  • Includes a free 1TB hard drive.

Advance Data Recovery
The recovery of lost files from a malfunctioning or inaccessible hard drive.

  • Lab work required.
  • Circuit board replacement.
  • Firmware fix.

Extreme Professional Data Recovery
Hard drive is physically damaged, is making clicking sounds, or is not detected at all.

  • Clean room work required.
  • Extensive time and resources required.

Please speak with an agent for more information.

Email Setup


DOCTORFIXALL will configure your email to work with outlook

Outlook email configuration

Wireless Networking


New wireless router or wireless device?

DOCTORFIXALL ensures that all your wireless devices are fully configured and optimized with no conflicts to get the best out of your home or private network.

Security is also extremely important, we make sure your network is protected from vulnerabilities by only using the best safeguards and settings.

*** Consult our experts for more information.
Printer Setup


Printers can be a challenge to setup and configure

Have you recently purchased a new printer and have no idea how to unpackage and install the components? 

DOCTORFIXALL will make sure that your printer is properly setup for your small business or home.

We also configure and install wireless network printers and USB printers.

Physical Computer Cleaning


Having a clean computer ensures that your system will not only last longer but won’t overheat and cause hardware failures!

Dust bunnies accumulate inside computers more than you might expect, especially if you have pets and are a smoker.

Cleaning a computer requires compressed air and taking hardware apart to thoroughly clean.



We provide tailored tutorials for each individual

Our friendly experts take great pleasure in offering our vast knowledge and expertise in providing both assistance and computer training.

We look forward into assisting you with any questions and tutorials.

We offer a wide range of training and could not list them all! therefore it is best to speak with our experts for more information.

Special Deals & Bundles


DOCTORFIXALL’s mission is to exceed all our client’s expectations with friendly outstanding service.