Over 20 years experience working for large corporations such as Government, Microsoft, Geek Squad, Accenture, Facebook etc.

At DOCTORFIXALL we look at the overall landscape of the IT industry and saw a need that was not being met. That need was for small businesses and private citizens who needed IT help sometimes but had no need for big contracts or long service commitments. Sometimes you just need to go to a doctor but most company’s today want to admit you to the ER.

DOCTORFIXALL is here to keep your IT world healthy and efficient. Sometimes you might need help but that might just be one or two visits a year. Also it needs to be affordable.

We have collaborated with some great businesses and partnerships that work equally hard for their clients and we are strengthened by their expertise because many hands make light work.

We are happy at what we do and for that reason you can be sure we are going to do an exceptional job and will exceed all of your expectations.

President & CEO
 Sylvain Thibert